Her (Mrs Jane Snowball’s) connection to the TV was a standard 1970s remote with an additional button which said ‘Phone’. All she had to do was press “Phone”, up came the directory with telephone numbers and she’d hit one of them for whoever she wanted … it took about 15 minutes to teach her how to do it.
— Michael Aldrich on the first B2C, online shopping transaction in 1984


“How long does it take me to use your website to do the things I want?”



If using your website takes longer than people expect, or are willing to invest, they’ll just leave.

But you already knew that. #ThanksCaptainObvious

Here’s what you may not know – improving efficiency isn’t just about removing design barriers – e.g. unnecessary steps and pages – or increasing site speed.

It’s also about removing psychological barriers – situations that make users stall and weigh their options, which can slow decision making and cause abandonment.