What can only your users tell you about being “super-quick”?

Speed is a great film – it’s also good for your site’s users. But remember, only users can tell you how fast they feel comfortable moving.

That’s why things like security badges will sometimes increase conversion rate and sometimes decrease it. Sometimes people want to breeze through without thinking about that and sometimes they don’t.

In some cases, faster is always better – i.e. loading times. But if you’ve ever been in a speeding car, you know speed can also make you feel out of control.

Exactly the same thing can happen with your site – if you skip vital steps because you’re drooling for a conversion, users will likely feel niggling doubts and leave.

Focus on helping users make key decisions quickly and confidently, rather than on moving them to the buy now button as quickly as possible.

Your design will be optimised in the process.