“It was 1984 and you were doing online home shopping, it was amazing and she loved it.
— Michael Aldrich on Jane Snowball’s reaction to using his online shopping system

“I think it’s wonderful
— Grandma, Jane Snowball, after using the Videotex online shopping system


“How much do I enjoy using your website?”



What do you get when your site is dead-easy, super-quick, time-defyin’ and smooth-sailin’?

An endorphin-releasin’ user experience, of course! When everything works so well that nothing makes you reconsider the decision to buy, all that’s left is the pleasure of shopping.

But we’re not talking about “pleasure” in the sense of “cool” graphics, flashy design and techy gimmicks. We’re talking about the enjoyment that comes from helpful little touches.

When online shopping was invented, it made life much easier for disabled pensioners and complex multinational businesses – that’s why they loved it.

Which helpful little touches do you offer on your site? Do you offer any?