Bring UX and eCommerce back together

UX issues are pushing users out of your site and costing you sales as you read this. The earlier you start UX testing, the more sales you’ll rescue.

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Michael Aldrich, the inventor of eCommerce, had to lug an ancient computer the size of a modern London flat across the country… Just so he could test and improve the user experience of his invention.

He did this with multiple people, over many years. Even though it cost him an arm and a leg.

That’s how important he (rightly) believed UX testing to be.

You don’t need to do any of that. Getting 10 times the results that Aldrich did now requires a fraction of the effort (and costs) he put in.

Today, you can test and improve the UX of your website by pushing a few buttons online – thanks to remote user experience (UX) testing.

The WhatUsersDo remote UX testing platform records the actions and spoken thoughts of people as they use your website. You see and hear why they leave or stay. You know exactly what to keep, ditch or improve. The platform also lets you:

  • Cherry-pick from a panel of 30,000+, across 5 countries – UK, USA, France, Germany and Netherlands – people who fit your target demographic
  • Have all qualitative data, feedback and behavioural insights video recorded and delivered to you… in a matter of hours
  • Get started with UX testing right now, for free…

Isn’t this what they call a no-brainer?

Put your knowledge into action – get a FREE trial on the WhatUsersDo UX testing platform

This free trial gives you credits so you can test the experience users have on your eCommerce site. You’ll get 3 videos, each about 15 minutes long and packed with insights on how you can improve.

Watch how people use your website – what they struggle with and what they enjoy – and listen as they speak their thoughts.

Find out why some of the most successful companies in the UK and the world are saying amazing things about UX testing.

“A quick, easy and cost-effective way to get immediate, quality feedback on problems your customers are facing today. On the back of the feedback we received regarding the difficulties faced in stock reservation, we made the reservation services more obvious which resulted in an increase in conversions.”

Stuart Findlay, Online Development Manager, Schuh

“When you make changes to your business, it’s never 100% the right answer – even though you do everything you can. You need to make sure all the changes are the right ones for customers, and are made for the right reasons. Those are exactly the kinds of answers testing with WhatUserDo provides. We can feel confident we’re doing the things we should be doing rather than saying, 'Let’s do XYZ and pray that it works.’”

Andrew Jervis, Founder, ClickMechanic


“Overall, I think we were very happy with the testing and the insight we’ve achieved as a result of it. And obviously, the UK team were impressed enough to run their latest tests through you too!”

International Manager, ASOS

“In terms of utility it’s priceless. It means I can talk to customers without having to leave my desk and you can get feedback straightaway.”

Matt Curry, Head of eCommerce, Lovehoney

Your UX testing success story is waiting to be written… all you have to do is start.