But numbers are worthless if you don't understand the stories they're trying to tell.

There’s an addiction to numbers in the world of eCommerce (think analytics and dashboards). And like all addictions, it’s clouding our judgement.

We’re so fixated on the metrics that we’ve forgotten it’s not the numbers we’re trying to influence – it’s the people those numbers are tracking.

User experience (UX) is everything that happens to people when they interact with your your eCommerce website. It includes everything they see, hear and do, as well as their emotional reactions.

It determines whether or not they buy on your site.

All numbers really give you is an incomplete view of the user experience – what people did but not why (or how to change that). We’ll show you how to get the full picture.

This is the story of how the inventor of eCommerce – Michael Aldrich – made online shopping a success by firstly testing the user experience of his creation.

You’ll also see how companies today have taken their online sales to the max by focussing on user experience:

  • Lovehoney increased revenue by 115% and conversion rate by 24%
  • ClickMechanic increased conversion rate by 50%
  • Schuh increased smartphone sales
  • ASOS improved 6 international websites

You’ll get the tools and knowledge they used to achieve these results... for free.