The 5 criteria of usability that boost eCommerce sales

Give your users a dead-easy, super-quick, time-defyin’, smooth-sailin’, endorphin-releasin’ experience!

According to usability experts like the Nielsen Norman Group, online user behaviours are determined by these 5 criteria:


[codename: Dead-easy]

“How easy is figuring out how to use your website, at a glance?”


[codename: Super-quick]

“How long does it take me to use your website to do the things I want?”


[codename: Time-defyin’]

“Does using your website come back to me intuitively, after some time has passed since I last did so?”


[codename: smooth-sailin’]

“How easy is it to make mistakes while using your website? How easy is it to correct these mistakes?”


[codename: Endorphin-releasin’]

“How much do I enjoy using your website?”